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OPERATIONSROUTINE DOCUMENTING EXPOSURES FOR INDIVIDUALS Its no secret this profession puts its members in environments filled with known and unknown chemicals carcinogens toxins and diseases. As a result it has been proven that fire fighters are more prone to certain illnesses and cancers than the general population. At Convention in 2014 the WSCFF passed a resolution to create an exposure tracking system for its membership. The Personal Injury Illness and Exposure Reporting System PIIERS was created and is designed to follow fire fighters throughout their career and into retirement. It is a one-stop place to record injuries illnesses and exposures experienced while on the job. Confidentiality of information will always be safeguarded only the user will have access to personal information. As a PIIERS user one can track their exposures to chemicals smoke toxins and diseases throughout their career. The system can be used to track work-related injury claim information such as sprains strains and broken bones along with illnesses such as any cardiac events. Users have access to the results of preventative and wellness exams into the PIIERS program as part of a complete health history. Before annual physicals users can download a report including current exposures to share with their doctor. PIIERS may show changes over time and throughout a career. For the WSCFF PIIERS provides the ability to run reports on non-protected and generic information to track trends and to develop health education or prevention materials. PIIERS can also be used for legislative and safe work-place initiatives. PIIERS is a one-stop place to record injuries illnesses and exposures experienced while on the job. 2 2