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1 Apparatus cab cleaning should utilize a top-down cleaning method followed by disinfecting. Special attention should be paid to computers radios map books seats steering wheel floorboards and headsets. Disinfecting is intended to prevent the spread of contagious illnesses such as C Diff MRSA staph etc. 1 All cloth surfaces should be cleaned using a vacuum andor steam extractor. 1 Remove all equipment and use the top-down method to clean apparatus compartments. All equipment should be cleaned prior to being placed back on the apparatus. 1 After cleaning is complete utilize the departments cleaning program for the rags and mops. Wash hands face and neck or shower. PERSONAL VEHICLE Contaminated turnouts should never be transported at any time in a personal vehicle. Use a fire department vehicle to transport contaminated turnouts to a designated facility for cleaning. By transporting contaminated turnouts in a personal vehicle a member can subject their family andor household to potential cross-contamination from the fireground. Clean turnout gear may be transported in a personal vehicle in an enclosed container or encapsulated in a designated bag to avoid cross-contamination to personal belongings. 2 7 1 Wear appropriate PPE EMS nitrile or latex gloves for dermal protection. 2 Fill a decon sink with approximately two inches of warm water and detergent of choice. 3 Grab gloves by gauntlet pinching off end or wear one glove at a time. 4 Using a medium bristled brush submerge the glove and scrub the exterior of the glove working from gauntlet toward tip. Turn glove over and repeat on other side. Continue until glove is clean then rinse under running water. Perform same procedure on other glove. 5 Empty sink and fill with clean water and approved sanitizer to clean the inside of the glove. 6 Do not wring as the lining may become dislodged from the shell. 7 Hang upside down to dry. HOW TO CLEAN STRUCTURAL FIRE FIGHTING GLOVES