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Purpose Numerous studies have proven that fire fighters are at greater risk of contracting many cancers as a result of their assigned duties. These studies have shown that proper use of the PPE SCBA and a gross decontamination process are beneficial in limiting the duration of fire fighter exposure to toxic carcinogens. The insert Fire Department is committed to the overall health of employees the insert Fire Department recognizes the increased risk of cancer associated with fire fighting activities. In an effort to provide a safe and healthy work environment the insert Fire Department has created the following guideline to reduce the cancer risk to its employees. Scope This guideline applies to all insert Fire Department employees. References NFPA Jurisdiction Policy WAC RCW FCSN and IAFF. Definitions See Appendix B. Statement of Intent It is the intent of insert Fire Department to take proactive and reasonable steps to limit employee exposures to carcinogens. MODEL GUIDELINE APPENDIXA 2 8