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the following Washington State fire service professionals for their contribution to this manual Bob Carroll Vancouver Fire Fighters Local 452 Charles Cordova Seattle Fire Chiefs Association Local 2898 Bob Dirham Professional Fire Fighters of Kennewick WA Local 1296 Brian Dodge Bates VocTech and Local 1747 Scott Ervin South King Professional Firefighters Local 2024 Beth Gallup Kent Fire Fighters Local 1747 Dan Griffey Mason County Professional Firefighters Local 2394 J.M. Havner Seattle Fire Fighters Union Local 27 Bill Hoover Kirkland Fire Fighters Local 2545 Jenny Keizer Kent Fire Department Dean Shelton Marysville Fire Fighters Local 3219 WSCFF Board Member 10th District Brad Thompson Valley Regional Fire Authority Adam Villard Professional Fire Fighters of Spokane County Fire District 8 Local 3711 A special thank you to the expert Technical Review Dr. David Bonauto LI Safety Health Assessment Research for Prevention Program Deputy Chief Tim Day Valley Regional Fire Authority Kenneth W. Fent PhD National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Gary Gordon Industrial Hygienist The Boeing Company Steve Lakey Northwest Safety Clean Jeffrey O. Stull President of International Personnel Protection Inc. Keith Tyson Vice President of Education Firefighter Cancer Support Network Mario Trevino Fire Chief retired Laurie Valeriano Washington Toxics Coalition Additional contributions from Lieutenant Paul Combs City of Bryan Ohio and illustrator for Fire Engineering Magazine Heather Auld Jeff Allen James Kellogg E Shift Productions Survivor stories from Battalion Chief Jack Waller Fire Fighter Adam Villard Engineer Jeff Greene Battalion Chief Chris Lines We would like to thank 3 3