WSCFF Retirees Association

The WSCFF Retirees Association was established in 2020.  It gives retired members a unified voice, the ability to engage with and provide input to the WSCFF, and opportunities to connect and network with each other and active members.

WSCFF Retirees Association members may:

  • Vote on Retirees Association Matters
  • Serve on Retirees Association Advisory Board
  • Be involved in WSCFF meetings, seminars, and conventions
  • Represent the Retirees Association at WSCFF events
  • Maintain old friendships and develop new connections

To participate in the Retirees Association, you must be a dues paying WSCFF Active Retiree. Dues are $6.00 per month and can be paid by completing the DRS auto-deduct form, through your local or directly to the WSCFF office. Contact the office for more information.

For more detailed information, see the WSCFF Constitution and Bylaws, Convention Resolution 19-02, the Retirees Association Summary Statement,  or contact the Retirees Association Board Members. 

The WSCFF Retirees Association was formed by Convention Resolution 19-03 in 2019. Consisting of three LEOFF 1 retired members, three other WSCFF retirees, and chaired by WSCFF Vice President Dean Shelton, the Retirees Association exists to represent and unite our retired members.   

Association News

Be a WSCFF Member for Life through the WSCFF Retirees Association
Department of Retirement Systems Auto-Deduct Retiree Dues Form (please send in directly to the WSCFF office or email)
Healthcare Enhancement for Local Public Safety Officers (HELPS) The IAFF won an unprecedented congressional victory with the passage of the HELPS act. Under it, retirees can receive a tax-free distribution of up to $3,000 from retirement plans to help pay for health insurance or long-term care insurance premiums. Please see the IAFF website for details.
WSCFF Retirement Planning Class  12/2/20 from 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM
With first Board Meeting, Association takes first steps forward
Retirees Association Moves Forward

Advisory Board