Shift Change

WSCFF Shift Change meetings are for members coping with or in recovery from an alcohol or substance use problem. Peer-led meetings provide a supportive space for individuals to share their experience, strength and hope with other brothers and sisters interested in recovery.  The only requirement for attendance is the desire for recovery. For more information contact John Gallup...

Thriving In Times of Change

Professional speaker and comedienne Meg Soper combines a sense of humor with her unique perspective on life to captivate her audience and provide a presentation filled with inspiration and entertainment. She has appeared as a keynote speaker and feature performer at conferences and corporate functions across North America and internationally. She has shared the...

National Firefighter Registry

The National Firefighter Registry, created through the Firefighter Cancer Registry Act of 2018, will be a voluntary registry of firefighters that will be used to analyze and track the incidence of cancer among this workforce. All firefighters—structural and wildland, career and volunteer, active and retired, those who have had cancer and those who have...

Power Through Participation: Train the Trainer – Part 1

This session will assist locals in delivering internal Union organization/participation by training local officers/members to deliver WSCFF educational content. Power Through Participation Power Point Presentation Power Through Participation Training Materials

Bargaining 101

This is an introduction to negotiations. Negotiations can occur informally as a conversation, to formally bargaining a contract. This class will class will provide an overview of negotiation styles, the steps to negotiations  and resources available.   Bargaining 101 Presentation