Report Members Out of Service Due to COVID-19

The WSCFF is working with the Washington Fire Chiefs and the Fire Defense Committee to maintain adequate staffing levels across the state of Washington.

Below, enter the password emailed to local leaders on March 16, to report all local members affected by COVID-19 (the Board of Volunteer Firefighters is tracking their members).  The page will refresh and provide you with a reporting form page.

Please have one person in your local report daily by 10:00 a.m.


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View COVID-19 Exposure Reports


Firefighters who tested positive for COVID-19 since March 17, 2020 by district.

From 03/17/2020 to 05/08/2021

District 1Tested Positive: 45
District 2Tested Positive: 74
District 3Tested Positive: 73
District 4Tested Positive: 81
District 5Tested Positive: 48
District 6Tested Positive: 2
District 7Tested Positive: 16
District 8Tested Positive: 23
District 9Tested Positive: 100
District 10Tested Positive: 9
District 11Tested Positive: 20
TOTALTested Positive: 491

Firefighters who have been quarantined over the last 7 days by district.

From 05/01/2021 to 05/08/2021

District 1Quarantined: 0
District 2Quarantined: 0
District 3Quarantined: 0
District 4Quarantined: 0
District 5Quarantined: 0
District 6Quarantined: 0
District 7Quarantined: 0
District 8Quarantined: 0
District 9Quarantined: 0
District 10Quarantined: 0
District 11Quarantined: 0
TOTALQuarantined: 0