COVID-19: Critical IAFF-WSCFF Resources for First Responders

CDC Coronavirus-image

A CDC computer rendering of SARS-CoV-2

Members are strongly encouraged to follow the IAFF social media platforms and to refer to the  IAFF Corona Virus Resource Page for important, continuously updated information and to use the Personal Injury Illness and Exposures Reporting System (PIIERS) to document on-the-job exposures.If you need help accessing PIIERS, email the WSCFF office.

The IAFF strongly recommends all members be vaccinated against the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).  Read their full position statement here.

As this situation evolves, members who have ideas and suggestions are respectfully requested to work with WSCFF executive board via your local leaders and WSCFF district representatives or IAFF DVP Walsh to ensure we maintain consistency in our messaging and do not create confusion.

Many IAFF Locals have contract language and or policies that may provide direction for members who become sick, or who have family members requiring care.  If you have questions about this, consult your contract or contact your local president.



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