Always Confidential

Family and relationship issues, marital discord or divorce, financial pressures, or a recent loss of a loved one, are some of the issues we face on top of carrying out our duties. The downside is that some of our brothers and sisters are suffering from depression, post-traumatic stress, or addiction problems (alcohol, prescription drugs, food, gambling, compulsive spending, etc.).

We may observe these symptoms in our peers while they isolate themselves and pass off to the world that everything is okay. The reality is they are dying inside emotionally and many of these folks don’t know what to do. We are society’s problem solvers, but sometimes our pride and fear of others’ opinions get the best of us.

Safe Call Now provides public safety employees, all emergency services personnel, and their family members nationwide with a simple and confidential way to ask for help.

Staffed by officers, former law enforcement officers, and public safety professionals, Safe Call Now is a safe place to turn to get help from individuals who understand the demands of a law enforcement career. These trained peer advocates will provide assistance and referrals for any public safety personnel and their families who are experiencing an emotional crisis or need someone to listen.

Safe Call Now is also a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization and is not funded at the state or federal levels.

MAKE A SAFE CALL NOW: 206-459-3020