Mike Westland

Mike Westland has worked as a fire fighter and paramedic for East Pierce Fire and Rescue since 2000 and has been on the Pierce County Technical Rescue Team since 2008. Westland served as Treasurer, Vice President and, for nine years, President of Local 3520 East Pierce Professional Fire Fighters. He was elected to the WSCFF Board in 2016.  He represents 1,115 members in ten IAFF local affiliates in Pierce and Mason Counties. Westland chairs the WSCFF EMS Committee and the WSCFF Scholarship Committee.

Locals: 726 Pierce County, 1488 West Pierce, 2394 Mason County, 3152 Key Peninsula, 3390 Gig Harbor, 3520 East Pierce, 3829 Dupont, 3876 North Mason, 4440 McNeil Island, F-283 JBLM.

Legislative Districts: 2, 25, 26, 28, 29, 31, 35

Congressional Districts: 6, 8, 10