Ten representatives elected to ten new WSCFF districts

News from the 83rd Annual Convention

History was made at the WSCFF 83rd Annual Convention, hosted by L404 Walla Walla, when all ten District Representatives were simultaneously elected to serve ten newly drawn districts. Incumbent board members Ryan Reese, Mike Westland, Reed Astley, Tim Hoover, Dean Shelton, and Jeff Wainwright were elected to serve their newly configured districts; they are joined by Chris Ross, Tom Fields, Craig Becker, and Matt Martens.

The redistricting adopted by Resolution 21-02 last year affects every district of the WSCFF and creates new board seats in areas historically served by one board member. See a map of the new districts and a list of locals in each district here.

President Dennis Lawson and Vice President Dean Shelton were re-elected, Secretary-Treasurer Markley is serving a two-year term, and Judson McCauley was elected Trustee, joining John Gallup and Tom Reich.

Your leadership for 2022-2023:

Dennis Lawson, L726                      President

Greg Markley, L1747                       Secretary-Treasurer

Dean Shelton, L3219                        Vice President and 8th District Representative

Ryan Reese, L452                             1st District Representative

Chris Ross, L2903                            2nd District Representative

Mike Westland, L3520                    3rd District Representative

Reed Astley, L1352                           4th District Representative

Tom Fields, L1604                            5th District Representative

Tim Hoover, L1828                           6th District Representative

Craig Becker, L2819                         7th District Representative

Jeff Wainwright, L3711                   9th District Representative

Matt Martens, L1296                      10th District Representative

Judson McCauley, L4378                Trustee 1

Tom Reich, L1296                             Trustee 2

John Gallup, L1747                           Trustee 3

At the meetings of the IAFF MERP and IAFF Health & Welfare Trust, Judson McCauley, L4378 and Christian Livecchi, L2916 were re-elected to their respective trustee positions.

In addition to electing officers, the 248 delegates and 19 alternates presented, discussed, and voted on 28 resolutions to determine the budget and set the direction for the WSCFF in the coming year. Increases in the CPI and several budget line items will increase monthly per capita to $25.85. Resolutions related to political action included ambulance driver training and certification requirements, endorsements for federal campaigns, and establishing the State Fire Marshal as an independent office.  Several items related to governance of the organization were considered, including strategic planning and goal setting, District Representative compensation, standing committee chair appointments, and special meetings. Delegates passed a resolution to use savings for needed repairs and updates to the Jimmy Cason Building in Olympia. Retiring District Representatives Mike Bacon, L29 Craig Soucy, L864; Keven Rojecki, L1747; and Trustee Rich Kittinger, L106; were recognized for their service.

In all, 26 of the 28 resolutions were adopted. Find a full list of resolutions here. Remember that progress toward implementing resolutions is reported at the IAFF-WSCFF Jointly Sponsored Educational Spring Seminar. Contact your local leaders or district representative if you have specific questions.

Convention was not all business. Delegates, alternates, family members and guests had several opportunities to network and enjoy all that the community of Walla Walla had to offer. The week began on Monday with a golf tournament to benefit our Burn Foundation and an IAFF 7th District Motorcycle Group ride. Local 404 hosted a barbeque and family fun night on Tuesday at Yellowhawk Resort. On Wednesday night, the WSCFF celebrated the passage of groundbreaking pension benefit legislation that was decades in the making and recognized Legislative Liaisons AJ Johnson and Bud Sizemore and Session Lobbyist Erin Johnson for their outstanding work. Greg Borg, L29, and Rich Kittinger, L106, received the Ricky J. Walsh Fully Involved Award and the Jack Waller Honorary Fire Fighter Award was presented to Representative Steve Bergquist. Senator Mike Sells received the Walt Lambert Labor Leader Award becoming the first person to receive both WSCFF awards.

Elections for the WSCFF Burn Foundation were held during convention. As its structure is the same as the WSCFF, teh Burn Foundation has also been restructured and have all new districts. The Burn Foundation officers and trustees for the next year are:

Matt Ricks, L404                                President

Shaun Cuthbert                                Secretary-Treasurer

Dave Lamb, L828                               1st District Trustee

Ryan Pragnell, L2409                       2nd District Trustee

Janell Murry, L31                              3rd District Trustee

Mickie Randahl, L2024                    4th District Trustee

Brian Duthie, L1257                         5th District Trustee

Melissa Beard, L1828                      6th District Trustee

Caton White, L2032                         7th District Trustee

Joe Kendrick, L3219                         8th District Trustee

Brandon Ricci, L3711                       9th District Trustee

Lacey Young, L1296                          10th District Trustee

The WSCFF 84th Annual Convention, hosted by L453, Wenatchee Valley, will be held June 19 –21, 2024, at the Wenatchee Convention Center.