How We Are Organized

The 8,700 IAFF members in Washington State are organized into 128 union locals, which make up the WSCFF. The locals are divided into 11 districts. Each district elects a representative to the WSCFF Board, which is made up of the 11 district representatives, a President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Vice President. Elections are held at an annual convention. Board members, all of whom are active or recently retired fire fighters, serve two-year terms. Three trustees, also elected by the membership, oversee the organization’s operations. An IAFF 7th District Vice President, elected by members in Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska, works closely with the governing board and represents members at the international level.

WSCFF Legislative Liaisons

The WSCFF employs two legislative liaisons and a session lobbyist. Together with the President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Vice President, they serve as the legislative team. Based on resolutions adopted at convention, and recommendations from the district representatives, the team develops and implements political action programs for the members of the WSCFF. This includes researching, reviewing, and monitoring proposed legislation, meeting with legislators, providing briefings to members, and coordinating political endorsements.