Benevolent Fund Scholarships Awarded

License plate sales fund scholarship program

Ten New WSCFF District Reps Elected

83rd Annual Convention News

The WSCFF Benevolent Fund Scholarship committee has awarded $42,000 to 41 children of current and retired WSCFF members. Congratulations to these remarkable students!

Healthy in Healthy Out

The Healthy In, Healthy Out manual and video identify best practices that reduce the risk of exposure to carcinogens on the job. The goal is is to encourage safe and healthy practices from a fire fighter’s first day to retirement.

Fire fighters and EMS personnel are exposed to chemicals, carcinogens, toxins, disease and trauma on the job and are more prone to certain illnesses than the general population. Document your exposures on the Personal Injury Illness Exposure Reporting System. All information is confidential.

Washington State Council of Fire Fighters

The Washington State Council of Fire Fighters (WSCFF) works to provide the best possible working conditions, the safest work environment, and the fairest wages and benefits to fulfill the needs of Washington State fire fighters. We also look out for the communities we serve to ensure that our departments are providing the best emergency response possible to protect our citizens.

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Ten representatives elected to ten new WSCFF districts
News from the 83rd Annual Convention History was made at the WSCFF 83rd Annual Convention, hosted by L404 Walla Walla, when all ten District Representatives
WSCFF trusted partner, Stronger Families, offers relationship skills to first responder families
Stronger Families is a nonprofit organization that offers life-changing relationship skills to military, veteran, and first responder families so they can be strong and thrive.
Needs Impact Retirement Decisions. Be Prepared!
Brother Pat Hepler, Local 1828, offers this advice on retirement. Making the decision to retire is something we will all face in our career as fire
Retirement is a huge life change. Consider it!
WSCFF Retirees Association Advisory Board Member Steve Hostetter reflects on planning for retirement. As a recent retiree, I often have conversations with fire service friends

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IAFF 7th District Mini ED
September 29, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
WSCFF 6th & 8th District Mini Education Seminar
October 6, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm