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Behavioral Health

Need Immediate Help?

If you are having a crisis and need immediate assistance, please contact the suicide and crisis lifeline.

Call or text to 988. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Behavioral Health Committee

The WSCFF Behavioral Health Committee was created by Convention Resolution 23-04 to provide tools and education for members, guide local peer support team development, create educational and mentorship partnerships, establish a Clinician Response Team, and foster communication. Contact the committee here.

The committee was established in 2023. This page is under construction. More information to come!

  • Co-Chair John Gallup, Local 1747 Kent
  • Co-Chair Erin Johnson, Local 468 Olympia
  • District 1 Rob Milano, Local 4378 Vancouver Chiefs
  • District 2 Rian Winter, Local 2409 Tumwater
  • District 3 Jeff Campbell, Local 0726, Pierce County
  • District 4 Rob Allen, Local 1352, Valley Professional Fire Fighters
  • District 5 Greg Garat, Local 2878 Eastside Fire Fighters
  • District 6 Jeff Nelson, Local 1828 South County Fire
  • District 7 Steve Davison, Local 2819 Kitsap County
  • District 8 Anna Melillo, Local 3438 North Snohomish County Union Fire Fighters
  • District 9 Jason King, Local 29, Spokane Fire Fighters
  • District 10 Trey (Charles) Irwin, Local 2299 Clarkston
  • WSCFF Retirees Association, Mike Newhouse Local 31, Tacoma Retired
  • State Chiefs, Hillory Flowers, Local 2903 Lacey


The Lifeline and 988

The Lifeline and 988  – 988 has been designated as the new three-digit dialing code that will route callers to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.  Call to be connected to trained counselors that are part of the Lifeline network.  These trained counselors will listen, provide support, and connect you to resources.  

Code 4 Northwest

Code 4 Northwest an entirely volunteer-run, free and confidential crisis response and referral network for Washington State active and retired first responders, EMS, corrections, civilian support personnel, and their families.  Free, confidential help is available 24/7.  425-243-5092

Safe Call Now

Safe Call Now provides public safety employees, all emergency services personnel, and their family members nationwide with a simple and confidential way to ask for help.
MAKE A SAFE CALL NOW: 206-459-3020

Always Confidential

Safe Call Now provides public safety employees, all emergency services personnel, and their family members nationwide with a simple and confidential way to ask for help.

MAKE A SAFE CALL NOW: 206-459-3020

Family and relationship issues, marital discord or divorce, financial pressures, or a recent loss of a loved one, are some of the issues we face on top of carrying out our duties. The downside is that some of our brothers and sisters are suffering from depression, post-traumatic stress, or addiction problems (alcohol, prescription drugs, food, gambling, compulsive spending, etc.).

We may observe these symptoms in our peers while they isolate themselves and pass off to the world that everything is okay. The reality is they are dying inside emotionally and many of these folks don’t know what to do. We are society’s problem solvers, but sometimes our pride and fear of others’ opinions get the best of us.

Staffed by officers, former law enforcement officers, and public safety professionals, Safe Call Now is a safe place to turn to get help from individuals who understand the demands of a law enforcement career. These trained peer advocates will provide assistance and referrals for any public safety personnel and their families who are experiencing an emotional crisis or need someone to listen.

Safe Call Now is also a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization and is not funded at the state or federal levels.

IAFF Center of Excellence

Struggling? Need help? We’re here for you

The IAFF Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health Treatment and Recovery is a one-of-a-kind treatment facility for IAFF members who struggle with addiction, PTSD, and other related behavioral health challenges.  If you, or someone you know, needs help, call their 24/7 line +1 (855) 900-8437.

Center of Excellence Frequently Asked Questions

Center of Excellence Digital Brochure 2019

Taking Care of Yourself

Suicide Loss

PTSD Acute Stress

Coping with Grief

Clinical Guide 2019
Supporting A Member Post-Treatment Flyer

Alcoholics Anonymous Washington Meetings

Get Help With Alcohol Addiction

Find Washington Alcoholics Anonymous meetings per county or city.

Talk to someone now. 866-972-0134. Call toll-free for finding meetings near you, discover online or in-person meetings, get 24-hour information on addiction. All calls are 100% confidential.

Stronger Families

Stronger Families offers life-changing relationship skills to military, veteran, and first responder families so they can be strong and thrive. The organization is pentagon endorsed, first responder leadership approved, and has cared for over 60,000 people.

Deer Hollow

Deer Hollow is a treatment center specializing in first responder wellness. Their team has extensive experience assisting first responders with PTSD, anxiety, cumulative stress, behavioral addictions, and substance abuse. They understand how to apply the most effective and comprehensive treatments and therapies to help first responders heal the invisible wounds brought on by the trauma of their profession.

Call 8888-5WE-KNOW, or email.

First Responder Wellness

First Responder Wellness exclusively treats first responders and public safety professionals. They provide confidential, trusted, and effective treatment that addresses the unique concerns of first responders. Call 888-443-4898 or contact here.