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WSCFF Retirees Association

Pension Update

LEOFF 1 and 2 retirees have been mailed estimate letters from the Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) for those eligible for the new benefit enhancement payable in early 2023.  If you did receive the LEOFF Benefit Enhancements Election Form, you will need to return your completed form within 30 days of receipt of the letter.  If you would like to view the form or update your address information, you may do so by signing into your online account. If you don’t have an account, you may make one here.  

If you have questions, you may contact DRS at 1-800-547-6657. They are reporting hold times of up to 60 minutes; however, you may get through quicker if you call Tuesday through Thursday, avoiding lunch time, or leave a call back number when prompted. DRS will call you back when you are next in the queue. DRS is in the process of updating the Q&A page so check back regularly if you still have questions.

SCAM calls are NOT from DRS!

The WSCFF has learned that scammers are contacting LEOFF retirees by phone and requesting personal information. The scammers are posing as representatives of the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems (DRS).

DRS will NOT call you to get personal information or about the benefit enhancement. They are mailing letters to all retirees and emailing when email information is available.

The scammers state they need the retiree’s Social Security number, DRS account number, bank account number, phone number, and email address to process the member’s LEOFF Benefit Enhancement payment. The persons requesting this information ARE NOT DRS EMPLOYEES! The Washington State Department of Retirement Systems does not make unsolicited or cold calls to members of the retirement systems.

Do not give any of your personal information to anyone who contacts you stating they are a representative of DRS (or the WSCFF or any other organization).  

If you would like to access your online DRS account, or find more information you may do so here.

WSCFF Retirees Association

Established by convention resolution in 2020, the WSCFF Retirees Association (RA) gives retired members a unified voice, the ability to engage with and provide input to the WSCFF, and opportunities to connect and network with each other and active members.

WSCFF Retirees Association members may:

  • Vote on Retirees Association Matters
  • Serve on Retirees Association Advisory Board
  • Be involved in WSCFF meetings, seminars, and conventions
  • Represent the Retirees Association at WSCFF events
  • Maintain old friendships and develop new connections

To participate in the Retirees Association, you must be a dues paying WSCFF Active Retiree. Dues are $6.00 per month and can be paid by completing the DRS auto-deduct form, through your local or directly to the WSCFF office. Contact the office for more information.

For more detailed information, see the WSCFF Constitution and Bylaws, Convention Resolution 19-02, the Retirees Association Summary Statement,  or contact the Retirees Association Board Members. 

The WSCFF Retirees Association was formed by Convention Resolution 19-02 in 2019. Consisting of three LEOFF 1 retired members, three other WSCFF retirees, and chaired by WSCFF Vice President Dean Shelton, the Retirees Association exists to represent and unite our retired members.   

Retirees Association Advisory Board

Curt Vandver
George Orr
Roy Orlando
Steve Hostetter
Patrick Hepler
Bruce Baurichter

Association News

Be a WSCFF Member for Life through the WSCFF Retirees Association

Department of Retirement Systems Auto-Deduct Retiree Dues Form (please send in directly to the WSCFF office or email)

Healthcare Enhancement for Local Public Safety Officers (HELPS) The IAFF won an unprecedented congressional victory with the passage of the HELPS act. Under it, retirees can receive a tax-free distribution of up to $3,000 from retirement plans to help pay for health insurance or long-term care insurance premiums. Please see the IAFF website for details.