Unions stand for dignity, protection, and power. Membership gives you a seat at the table where decisions about wages, working conditions, and benefits are made. The efforts of the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters make a significant difference in the lives of our members and their families. Success by the WSCFF Legislative Team results in critical and sometimes groundbreaking laws, the standing committees work tirelessly to address emerging occupational issues, and the WSCFF benefits available to our members are some of the best in the nation.

Power Through Participation

Union by Choice

Information and resources to support opting to be Union by Choice.

License Plates

Professional Fire Fighter License Plates are only available to WSCFF members. $28 from each set goes to the WSCFF Benevolent Fund and is tax deductible.

Local Information

The WSCFF serves 129 local affiliates with more than 8,500 members in Washington State. Our interactive map allows you to find information on all our locals.

Local Union Contracts

A complete list of all our local union contracts.

Power Through Participation

This program educates members about the value of the WSCFF and belonging to a union.

Educational Resources

Find resources and reference materials from WSCFF educational events.

Officer Resources

Resources and Forms for officers


Publications produced by the WSCFF for members.

Right to Work

Right to work is wrong. It robs workers of job rights and civil rights.


The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations is the largest federation of unions in the United States.


The Washington State Labor Council is the Washington branch of the AFL-CIO.

Community Partners

WSCFF members take pride in their work and in supporting charitable causes that benefit the communities they serve on the job.

Awards & Recognition

Recognizing member achievements and honors.

Why Unions?

The principles of why unions are important.