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Jason Burns

Jason Burns, a lifelong resident of Fall River, MA has been an integral part of the fire fighting community since 2006. Throughout his distinguished career, he has emerged as a steadfast advocate for firefighter safety, tirelessly working to improve working conditions and championing various initiatives. 

Throughout his career, Jason has emerged as a passionate advocate, tirelessly working to enhance safety measures in critical areas such as equipment, training, education, cancer prevention, and behavioral health and wellness. His advocacy has resulted in tangible improvements, resonating both locally and nationwide.

One of Jason’s significant contributions lies in his active involvement in a collaborative nationwide initiative focused on eliminating toxic PFAS chemicals from firefighters’ personal protective equipment. This initiative reflects his dedication to addressing immediate safety concerns and ensuring the long-term health of those on the front lines.

Jason’s commitment extends to the Last Call Foundation, where he honors Fallen Firefighter Michael Kennedy. Through this foundation, he actively contributes to ongoing efforts to prioritize fire fighter safety and well-being, recognizing the importance of supporting these initiatives.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Jason finds fulfillment in his role as a devoted family man. Married to Liz and proud father to five daughters—Taylor, Madison, Samantha, Abigail, and Emersyn—his personal experiences deepen his understanding of the significance of advocating for improved safety standards within the firefighting community.

As a speaker at the documentary film screening for firefighters, Jason brings a wealth of firsthand experience and a passionate commitment to advocating for firefighter safety. His insights into the challenges faced by firefighters and the ongoing

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