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Ray Lankin

United Diagnostics Services UDS is led by Ray Lankin, CEO of the company. Ray has worked in the diagnostic testing industry for nearly 20 years. He first started his career in this field by deploying mobile diagnostic services in the greater New York area, shortly after obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from State University of New York at Buffalo.
Over the years, Ray and his team have successfully managed and delivered diagnostic services to over 120 physician locations, providing multi-diagnostic modality services. Throughout the course of his career, Ray has been involved with several high-profile projects including:

•          Anthrax Clean-Up Project in Washington, DC and Hamilton, NJ
•          Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans Medical Mission
•          COVID-19 Response, Temple University Liacouras Center, City of Philadelphia

Speaker's Classes Present/Past


Ready Rebound, UDS, Grail, Life Scan

This class centers on the importance of early detection programs to improve the overall health of first responders and to detect cancer and cardiovascular disease prior to the onset of signs and symptoms. Ready Rebound UDS Grail