Tim Hoover

Tim Hoover joined the fire service in 1995 and works as a fire fighter and paramedic for South County Fire. He has long been involved in union activities and has held a number of elected positions with Local 1828 South County Union Firefighters. He was first elected to the WSCFF Board in 2012.  He represents more than 1,000 members in eight IAFF local affiliates that make up the WSCFF 6th District. Hoover serves on the WSCFF Public Relations Committee and is a District Field Service Representative (DSFR) for the IAFF 7th District. He has been appointed by the Washington State Secretary of Health as the WSCFF Representative on the Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems Steering Committee.

Locals: 46, Everett, 1760 Shoreline, 1828 South County Union Firefighters, 2099 Bothell, 2597 Snohomish County Airport, 2694 Snohomish County 4, 2781 Snohomish County Firefighters, 3482 Mukilteo.

Legislative Districts: 1, 21, 32, 38, 39, 44

Congressional Districts: 1, 2, 7