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The Washington State Council of Fire Fighters is far more than our elected leaders. We are all the affiliated locals and individual members. Together we are the state level of your union. We are united for the benefit of all who work in the fire service in Washington State. We are stronger together!

Stronger Together

Political Action

For 83 years, your WSCFF has been THE unified voice of professional fire fighters in Olympia. When legislators have questions or concerns, they reach out directly to us because all 117 locals, coordinated by the WSCFF, have been actively engaged in building relationships across Washington. This is how we achieve statewide success like

  • $1.1 billion LEOFF 2 Pension Benefit Improvement in 2022, unanimous bipartisan support
  • Establishment of the LEOFF Plan 2 Retirement Board
  • Line of Duty Death Benefits
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Presumptive cancer and heart coverage
  • Presumptive PTSI coverage
  • Health and Safety Improvements
  • Electing candidates who support our issues-
  • Improved funding for Municipal, Fire District and Fire Authority Departments through tax policy and election changes to EMS and other levy and bond measures.
Political action sign holders

If you vote to disaffiliate, you reap the rewards of this work without any input, and your union brothers and sisters pay for it. By staying affiliated, you have a voice in our political action and cover your share of the expense.

We are stronger together!

License Plates

By state law, only WSCFF members may have professional fire fighter license plates and $28 from each sale or renewal supports scholarships and members in need through our Benevolent Fund. Pride in affiliation with the WSCFF is on display in every corner of Washington.

If you vote to disaffiliate, you lose your plates, and those members in need, as well as others in our communities we serve, lose your financial support.

License Plate

We are stronger together!


WSCFF members benefit from educational programs, resources, and networking opportunities at the WSCFF Legislative Conference, Annual Convention, and District Mini-Educational Programs. If you vote to remain affiliated, you retain access to these events and the knowledge and fellowship that goes with them.

The IAFF-WSCFF Jointly Sponsored Educational Seminar receives most of its funding from WSCFF per capita. If you choose to disaffiliate, and the WSCFF and IAFF continue with a joint event, your cost to attend will be set by the WSCFF Executive Board.

Ed seminar

We are stronger together!

Leadership and Accountability

You have questions? We have answers. Let us in. Nine of 10 Districts invited WSCFF leaders to their meetings before our 2022 convention to explain the proposed budget and resolutions and answer any questions. Why didn’t the Local 31 Executive Board give you the same opportunity? Your elected WSCFF leaders have repeatedly offered to meet with Local 31 members and have repeatedly been denied by Local 31 leaders.

WSCFF financial documents—budgets, reports, biannual independent auditor reports—have been and continue to be available to all WSCFF members on the WSCFF website or by request. Three elected trustees routinely inspect WSCFF records and report on their findings, which are also posted for all to review.

We are stronger together!

WSCFF Burn Foundation

Your WSCFF Burn Foundation is governed by an elected board with members from each WSCFF District. Only affiliated members are represented on the board. Part of every per capita payment goes to support the Burn Foundation’s work on education and support for burn survivors. If you vote to remain affiliated, Local 31 will continue to play a key role in the direction of the Burn Foundation, and the children and IAFF members who benefit from this important work will retain your financial support.

Burn Foundation logo

We are stronger together!

WSCFF Committees

WSCFF work is member driven. Standing committees help guide us. Committee members, appointed from large and small locals, urban and rural areas, municipalities and fire districts, provide diverse perspectives that are invaluable in shaping our agenda.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • EMS
  • Health & Safety
  • Public Relations
  • Scholarships
  • Wildland Fire and Mobilization

If you remain affiliated, Local 31 members may share their experience and expertise to help all Washington union fire fighters.

We are stronger together!

Convention Committees

As a single local district, Tacoma was allocated nine convention delegate seats. Local 31 is now part of new District 3, which will have 45 delegates, making it one of the largest voting blocks in the organization. At their request and with input, WSCFF members voted to give former single district locals 29 and 31 permanent seats on the Organization & Policy, Legislative, and Constitution & Bylaws convention committees.

Remaining affiliated means Local 31 will retain seats at the table where decisions affecting the lives and livelihoods of all Washington’s fire fighters are made.

delegates at convention

We are stronger together!

MERP and IAFF Health & Wellness Trust

MERP, a tax-sheltered plan designed by fire fighters for fire fighters to help pay for medical expenses in retirement, is controlled and managed by a board of fire fighters from participating locals.

The IAFF Health & Wellness Trust, created by the WSCFF, is so successful the IAFF is partnering with the WSCFF to make it available to all IAFF members in the United States. It is managed by a board comprised of appointed and elected fire fighters.

Only WSCFF members may run for the Washington seats on the MERP and IAFF Health & Wellness Trust boards of trustees.

We are stronger together!

Municipal Locals

Joining forces with one large city doesn’t compare to staying united with ALL the other municipal locals. It will only create an opportunity for those who seek to oppose us a chance to weaken all our goals.

Remaining affiliated means Local 31 retains its relationships and shares work with approximately 25 other municipal locals in the state including Everett, Spokane, Bellevue, Kirkland, Renton, Redmond, Vancouver, Yakima, Olympia, etc.

We are stronger together!

WSCFF Per Capita

The $24.61 monthly per capita in 2021 paid for, though was not limited to the following WSCFF work: 

  • Legislative Work—including two retirement enhancement bills 
  • Member Education
  • Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives
  • Health & Safety
  • Public Relations
  • Safety Standards
  • EMS issues
  • FCSN support 
  • Burn Foundation Support
  • MERP 
  • Health & Wellness Trust 
  • LODDs—benefits and services 
  • Membership in the WSLC 

If you vote to disaffiliate, you take funding from these areas and, like union members who opted out after the 2018 Janus decision, you receive benefits you are not paying for.

Bellevue Fire Fighter

We are stronger together!