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Northwest Fire Fighters Benefits Trust (NWFFT)

Northwest Fire Fighters Benefits Trust 

The NWFFT board is comprised of four WSCFF appointed positions, and five positions which are elected by the membership. The four appointed positions are Ricky Walsh, L1052; Greg Markley, L1747; Dennis Lawson, L726; Eric Tuott, 1264. The elected representatives are Craig Soucy, L864; Scott Kennedy, L2409; Christian LiVecchi, L2916; Jeff Wainwright, L3711; and Chris Volk, L1919.

The Washington State Council of Fire Fighters thanks you for your continued support of the NWFFT. On behalf of all our members and their families, we have worked hard to develop a comprehensive, affordable, and sustainable health plan that will be here for all of us and our families when we need it.

Our goal in creating the NWFFT is to leverage the advantages of having our own Trust with our own unique plans. We established this Trust to:

  • Create a “like-risk” pool of fire fighters throughout the Northwest – we feel we utilize healthcare services less than most of the population
  • Preserve, tailor, and/or enhance plan designs that are meaningful to us
  • Provide current and future access to retiree health insurance

We had another successful year in 2020 and expect this growth to continue! With the help of our carrier partners, we were able to renew the plan at a rating action that was less than current medical trend surveys would suggest in today’s environment. Claims experience  has been very positive, a trend we expect to continue in the upcoming year. Ultimately though, how we use the plan has a direct impact on what we pay in the future. Your continued thoughtful use of the plan will help us keep costs reasonable now and into the foreseeable future.

As always, we look to you for feedback on ways we can make the plan better for you and your family. Use our form below for more information.

Non-Medicare retirees: Must be attached to a participating local with no break in group coverage. Restrictions apply; please inquire with the Trust office at 866-367-0743 or .

Medicare retirees: The NWFFT Medicare pool is open to any IAFF retired fire fighter and their spouses. Please contact the Trust office to inquire about plans and pricing.

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