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John Gallup

John Gallup 2021

An IAFF member since 1990, John Gallup, Local 1747, was elected to the WSCFF Board of Trustees in 2003. He is currently a Battalion Chief with Puget Sound Regional Fire Department. He has been elected to several positions in his local from 1991 to 2020. Gallup serves as a member of the WSCFF Health and Safety Committee and a member of the IAFF Behavioral Health Committee.

Speaker's Classes Present/Past


Behavioral Health: What Local Leaders Need to Know

Whether you have a behavioral health program or not, this class will guide you through a labor-management approach to building a successful program for your membership. Behavioral Health Presentation

Local & IAFF Audits/Financial Transparency

Location: Heritage B This class will define the audit/financial review process. Your WSCFF trustees will share their experiences over the pat two decades from the perspective of a local Treasurer and a Trustee. Bill Dodd from Local 710 Coeur D’Alene will provide in-depth reporting on filing of the local’s 990 and what to do...