Speaker Bios

Megan Durham

Megan is a consummate technologist and systems analyst, who is just as at ease running a reading program for 1,000 low-income elementary school students as she is building an interactive QR kiosk for generating personalized tickets at an event. With more than 15 years’ experience working in SEO and website development she has presided over several internet eras and stayed on the bleeding edge of optimization. She is also responsible for the maintenance of the WSCFF.org, IAFFMERP.org, and IAFFHealthTrust.org websites. She was also instrumental in the development of turning the Wildfire Roster into an easy-to-use Mobile app. In addition to her technical expertise, she is skilled in developing robust keyword and audience research for digital marketing campaigns, both organic and paid, and has a proven ability to use all aspects of the digital ecosystem to drive inbound traffic.

Speaker's Classes Present/Past


Wildland Fire App

Jen Pennington will demonstrate the features found on the newly created Wildland Fire App. Megan Durham, a developer with Rhizome will also be on hand to help members ensure are able to access the data from their mobile devices.