Benefits of Healthy Sleep

Sleep: Why it’s important and how to manage it. Benefits of healthy sleep and realistic ways to achieve better sleep hygiene. Presentation: Sleep

Politics 2024: What’s at Stake?

Every election is billed as the “most important election of your life” but this one might just be it. At the Federal Level, Congress has ground to a halt while basic commitments to democratic norms have burned away. In Washington State, bills important to the labor movement generally advance, but with so many critical...

Ready Rebound, UDS, Grail, Life Scan

This class centers on the importance of early detection programs to improve the overall health of first responders and to detect cancer and cardiovascular disease prior to the onset of signs and symptoms. Ready Rebound UDS Grail

Duty of Fair Representation

Duty of Fair Representation, this class will cover how you as an executive should represent all of your members. Duty of Fair Representation Presentation

Post Retirement Health Insurance

Review L726 and L1747 Post Retirement Healthcare plan, history, how we successfully bargained, pros/cons, how we may help others implement similar programs.