Politics 2024: What’s at Stake?

Every election is billed as the “most important election of your life” but this one might just be it. At the Federal Level, Congress has ground to a halt while basic commitments to democratic norms have burned away. In Washington State, bills important to the labor movement generally advance, but with so many critical...

Post Retirement Health Insurance

Review L726 and L1747 Post Retirement Healthcare plan, history, how we successfully bargained, pros/cons, how we may help others implement similar programs.

Retirement Planning

As professional firefighters, we have an amazing defined-benefit pension and the ability to retire in our mid-50s, but our income and expenses change immediately and dramatically the day we retire.  At what point can we retire comfortably?  How do we pay for health care?  What factors should we consider regarding survivor options, purchasing service...

Bargaining 101

This is an introduction to negotiations. Negotiations can occur informally as a conversation, to formally bargaining a contract. This class will class will provide an overview of negotiation styles, the steps to negotiations  and resources available.   Bargaining 101 Presentation

Rebound: The Tactical Athlete

This course will discuss the positive and long lasting impact of providing a high level sports medicine model of injury recovery coupled with a true concierge service to our First Responders and their families. Additionally we will discuss what these impacts will mean to the Departments and their communities. Ready Rebound Deck

Audits and Budgets for Treasurers

This class will define the audit/financial review process. Bill Dodd from Local 710 Coeur D’Alene will provide in-depth reporting on filing of the local’s 990 and what to do if you are out of compliance. Audits and Budgeting Presentation