Scam Calls are NOT from DRS!

The WSCFF has learned that scammers are contacting LEOFF retirees by phone and requesting personal information. The scammers are posing as representatives of the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems (DRS).

DRS will NOT call you to get personal information or about the benefit enhancement. They are mailing letters to all retirees and emailing when email information is available.

The scammers state they need the retiree’s Social Security number, DRS account number, bank account number, phone number, and email address to process the member’s LEOFF Benefit Enhancement payment. The persons requesting this information ARE NOT DRS EMPLOYEES! The Washington State Department of Retirement Systems does not make unsolicited or cold calls to members of the retirement systems.

Do not give any of your personal information to anyone who contacts you stating they are a representative of DRS (or the WSCFF or any other organization).  

If you would like to access your online DRS account, or find more information from DRS you may do so here.