Delegates at 2023 Convention Chart Course for Coming Year

IAFF members from across Washington gathered in Wenatchee in June for the WSCFF 84th Annual Convention, hosted by IAFF Local 453 Wenatchee Valley.

Two hundred forty-four delegates and 18 alternates presented, discussed, and voted on 28 resolutions to determine the budget and set the direction for the WSCFF for the coming year. Increases in the CPI and several budget line items will increase monthly per capita to $27.46. Resolutions related to political action included PFML protections for first responders on short-term leave, state-funded cancer screenings, and recovering costs for wall time at hospitals. Several items related to the governance of the organization were considered, including revisions to the district representative job descriptions, adoption of a strategic plan, and creation of a federal/industrial local liaison to keep the WSCFF board apprised of their unique issues. Recognizing that the labor movement must do a better job of promoting behavioral health, reducing stigma, and developing training opportunities, delegates voted to create a Standing Behavioral Health Committee.

In all, 25 of the 28 resolutions were adopted. Find more information on 2023 resolutions here. All WSCFF members may review resolutions and convention materials by logging on to the website. If you need help with username and password, contact the office. Remember that progress toward implementing resolutions is reported at the IAFF-WSCFF Jointly Sponsored Educational Spring Seminar. If you have questions about specific resolutions, contact your WSCFF District Representative.

Secretary-Treasurer Greg Markley, 2nd District Representative Chris Ross, 4th District Representative Reed Astley, 6th District Representative Tim Hoover, 8th District Representative Dean Shelton, 10th District Representative Matt Martens, and Trustee Tom Reich were re-elected.

The WSCFF Retirees Association Advisory Committee had a productive event as well. They set their meeting schedule for the next year; began a draft of their budget; planned meetings with retiree groups around the state; planned two classes for the 2024 Educational Seminar; and discussed additional benefits for their members.

At the meetings of the IAFF MERP and IAFF Health & Wellness Trust, Craig Soucy and Jeff Wainwright were re-elected to their respective trustee positions.

The WSCFF Burn Foundation Board met on Tuesday afternoon and re-elected 2nd District Trustee Ryan Pragnell, 4th District Trustee Mickey Randahl, 6th District Trustee Melissa Beard, and 8th District Trustee Scott Jackson. Chris Denny was elected to the 10th District Trustee position and Clint Jenkins will serve as 3rd District Trustee after a special election for that position.

Convention was not all business. The week began on Sunday with a golf tournament benefiting our Burn Foundation. On Monday, delegates, alternates, family members and guests enjoyed a lovely evening at the Union Hill Cider Company. Senator Kevin Van De Wege addressed delegates on Tuesday morning, announcing his candidacy for Washington Commissioner of Public Lands. In the evening, the WSCFF held the  annual awards banquet, celebrating our 2023 legislative successes and recognizing outstanding work by our members and allies on behalf of our members across the state. Bill Garlington, L452, Terry McCartin, L1747, and 6th District Rep. Tim Hoover, L1828, received the Ricky J. Walsh Fully Involved Award. Washington State Representative Dan Bronoske, L1488, received the Walt Lambert Labor Leader award. Washington State Representative Liz Berry was honored with the Jack Waller Honorary Fire Fighter Award.

Member participation drives the WSCFF agenda. Our 84th Annual Convention was a success because locals sent delegates to give direction to the organization and work on behalf of all members. We were excited to see about 30% of the delegates attending for the first time, bringing fresh perspectives and positive energy to the event and organization. We thank all our locals for their membership and participation.