WSCFF trusted partner, Stronger Families, offers relationship skills to first responder families

Stronger Families is a nonprofit organization that offers life-changing relationship skills to military, veteran, and first responder families so they can be strong and thrive. They have a unique understanding of the effects high-stress jobs can have on relationships. Brother Tim Sears, L2545 Kirkland retired, serves as First Responder Director for this organization. The WSCFF has endorsed Stronger Families as a trusted partner and has invited them to present a Breaking Barriers to Communication class for spouses accompanying WSCFF members to convention in June. Here’s their story.

Every good story has a defining moment. That second when we realize everything before and after has come down to that one decision. For Noel and Karissa Meador, their defining moment came when they chose to heal their marriage.

“Are we going to make it?”

A few years married, 80-hour work weeks, a new baby, the launch of a business, a new job, family dynamics, and a lack of understanding their personality differences led to the Meador’s looking at each other one day and asking, “Are we going to make it?”

Connection was waning. In its place, wounding, misunderstanding, and disappointment grew.

This was the moment the Stronger Families story began.

After digging in, seeking counseling, and learning more about each other and their unique differences, healing began to take root. Noel and Karissa soon realized hope wasn’t intangible. As worked on their issues, they saw the answers to their issues weren’t hard to find once they learned to practice what very few couples do amidst the daily stresses of life – spend concentrated, devoted effort and time on their relationship.

A defining moment.

Through the healing of their marriage, the Meador’s developed a passion for other couples to experience hope and healing. They wrote and created the OXYGEN seminar. Later they would develop the personality test, the OXYGEN Profile Assessment.

After witnessing a loved one struggle in their marriage after multiple deployments, and because a retired two-Star General believed this program could change the lives of our military families, the Stronger Families mission was born.

Today, because of Noel and Karissa’s vision and the incredible team at Stronger Families, OXYGEN has served more than 60,000 military, veteran, and first responder heroes in nine countries, on 76 installations, and in 36 states.

Never underestimate the power of a defining moment.

Upcoming events: Stronger Families is offering a First Responders Couples Retreat September 17 -18 in Bellevue. The cost is $100 per couple and includes one night at a hotel, lunches, coaching and sessions from the OXYGEN program. Find more information here.