WSCFF Files Complaint against Shady Solicitors Claiming Fire Fighter Affiliation

OLYMPIA, WA., 4/13/16 — Dennis Lawson, President of The Washington State Council of Fire Fighters (WSCFF), filed an official complaint this week with the Washington State Attorney General’s Office against The Association for Firefighters and Paramedics (AFP), because the organization is using paid telemarketers who are calling Washington resident claiming to be affiliated with Washington fire fighters and paramedics, attempting to raise money for burn victims in our state.

“We filed the complaint so that residents of Washington State are not taken advantage of by this organization and its employees.”

The AFP has been called “one of the worst charities in America” by the Orange County Register. Charity Navigator reports that The AFP spends less than three percent of the funds raised on direct services. They are currently under investigation by police in New York, and were sued by the State of California in 2009 for deceptive and misleading charitable solicitations, breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, and dissemination of false and misleading information.

Lawson wants to make it clear that the AFP has no association with the WSCFF. “We are proud of the charitable work done by the union fire fighters and paramedics of the WSCFF and its locals throughout Washington. We want to inform residents that Washington’s union fire fighters are not involved in cold calling people for contributions.”

Washington’s union fire fighters raise funds through special events and by receiving contributions from generous residents, fire fighters and their families. Washington’s union fire fighters raise funds for the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters Burn Foundation and other charities providing services in our state. According to the Secretary of State, the WSCFF Burn Foundation devoted 97% of its total expenses to charitable causes. For more information, consult the WSCFF Burn Foundation.

Before contributing to any charity, residents are encouraged to visit Washington’s Secretary of State website at  to find information about any charitable organizations operating within our state.

The Washington State Council of Fire Fighters (WSCFF) was founded on September 1, 1939, and represents 127 affiliated local fire fighter unions and more than 8,000 affiliated members of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) within the state.