Fire fighters with little boy in hospital

Burn Foundation Board


The WSCFF Burn Foundation includes President Matt Ricks, Local 404, Vice President Dave Little, Local 1747, Secretary-Treasurer Shaun Cuthbert, Local 726, and representatives elected from each of the 11 Districts of the WSCFF.

1st District Representative:  Dave Lamb, Local 828 Longview

2nd District Representative:  Ryan Pragnell, Local 2409 Tumwater

3rd District Representative:  Clint Jenkins, Local 1488 West Pierce

4th District Representative: Mickey Randahl, Local 2024 South King

5th District Representative:  Brian Duthie, Local 1257 Port of Seattle

6th District Representative: Melissa Beard, Local 1828 South County Fire

7th District Representative: Caton White, Local 2032 East Jefferson

8th District Representative: Scott Jackson, 5133 Whidbey Island

9th District Representative: Brandon Ricci, Local 3711 Spokane 8

10th District Representative: Lacey Young, Local 1296 Kennewick