Erin Johnson

Erin Johnson, President, Local 468 Olympia, served as 2022 WSCFF Session Lobbyist. She is a graduate of the IAFF 7th District Executive Leadership Series, Class II. She has participated in IAFF Fire Ops, and the 2021 International Women in Fire Conference.

Miriam Siegel

Miriam Siegel, Lead Epidemiologist for National Firefighter Registry

Dennis Lawson

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Meg Soper

Professional speaker and comedienne Meg Soper combines a sense of humor with her unique perspective on life to captivate her audience and provide a presentation filled with inspiration and entertainment. She has appeared as a keynote speaker and feature performer at conferences and corporate functions across North America and internationally. She has shared the...

Robbie Hyslop

Robbie Hyslop serves as President of IAFF Local 864, Renton and is a Class II graduate of the IAFF 7th District Executive Leadership Series.

John Gallup

An IAFF member since 1990, John Gallup, Local 1747, was elected to the WSCFF Board of Trustees in 2003. He is currently a Battalion Chief with Puget Sound Regional Fire Department. He has been elected to several positions in his local from 1991 to 2020. Gallup serves as a member of the WSCFF Health...

Tom Reich

Tom Reich Local 1296 Kennewick, retired and was elected to the Board of Trustees in 2002

Rich Kittinger

Rich Kittinger began his fire fighting career in 1994 with the Richland Fire Department. He was hired by Bellingham Whatcom County Fire Fighters Local 106 in 1997, and has served in many union positions over the years. He was elected as a WSCFF trustee in 2008.

Bruce Baurichter

Bruce Baurichter was hired by the Tacoma Fire Department in 1986 and elected to the Local 31 Executive board in 1988, serving as an officer for over 25 years. He held the office of Vice President, and was subsequently elected Secretary/Treasurer in 1994, and served in that capacity for 19 years. In 2013, Bruce...

Ryan Reese

Ryan Reese, the son of a professional fire fighter, became a volunteer fire fighter at 16 and was hired at the age of 23 as a firefighter/paramedic. He works as a Captain and paramedic with Clark County Fire District 6 in Vancouver, Washington. Reese serves as President of Local 452, Vancouver. He was elected...